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Terms of Service

1. LeadPro provides a digital service whereby content can be digitally downloaded, digitally used and operated. As such, any and all of these services and products being rendered are covered by PayPal’s Seller Protection. All invoice fees are covered by the Buyer.

2. LeadPro LLC will own all intellectual property rights towards services and products being rendered up until final confirmation and acceptance of such services, such indication would be by final invoice payments.

3. LeadPro holds the unilateral right in the event payment disputes arise to regain full control of any and all services, products, and material provided and as such will recuperate losses based on such disputes.

4. Our services require a one-time full payment unless the transaction is higher than $300, in which case we would accept payments by 50/50 (second payment is requested after 50% completion). We will not be making progress on the order until the agreed payment is issued.

5. Buyers can request to cancel the entire order in the event that only 50/100 payments are provided to us. In the event of such a 50/100 payment, the cancellation fee will be 25/50, therefore only half of the first upfront payment will be refunded. [25%]

6. If the Buyer wishes to cancel the order after mid-term production, the order will be fully canceled but no refund will be provided on the basis that the services are already being rendered.

7. No refunds will be provided upon final delivery. Such orders and delivery is concluded by the seller and confirmed by the buyer. We offer to provide changes and additions to products after delivery at an extra cost.

8. In the event that the client does not respond to a request or message from our freelancer within 7 calendar days, such would determine that the services are no longer needed and the order will be canceled.

9. When ordering services or products from our team, the Buyer agrees that changes toward the order need to be specified prior to completion. We are not required to complete changes that affect the original order information. The Buyer agrees that the price can fluctuate if our team agrees to complete changes to an existing order.

Updated 4/12/20. Any changes conducted to the Terms of Service will affect previous customer dealings.