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Free your creativity with LeadPro.

Working At LeadPro

Enjoy flexible schedules and awesome benefits.

  • Flexible Hours

    Choose when you work. We offer a relaxing but efficient work experience.

  • Impressive Rate

    Receive an 80% cut on all client related commissions, or 100% on marketplace maps. No catches.

  • Great Team

    Collaborate with a high-rated build team for commission and marketplace work, or take on solo projects.

Open Positions

We have 4 positions open currently.

  • Java Developer open

    Create powerful Minecraft functions that empower the metaverses of tomorrow. Requires previous experience creating MC gameplay.

    Job Responsibilities
    • Implementing client ideas using custom Minecraft plugins that are ready for use on completion
    • Collaborating with the build and design teams to create a flawless product for game servers
    • Engaging with our community and becoming a part of our team environment
    • Previous experience using Java within the Minecraft space
    • Thorough understanding of CraftBukkit and Spigot
    • Able to collaborate with a team to achieve the desired outcomes
    • Experience on Redis and MongoDB
    • Worked with large Minecraft networks or created popular resources in the past
    • Integrating P2E cryptocurrencies with traditional gameplay
    • Creative and fun ideas to improve client projects
  • Behavior Specialist closed

    Use command blocks and Bedrock API/Javascript to change behavior and in game functions. Requires Minecraft Marketplace experience.

  • Writer closed

    Open minds and open doors for LeadPro through creative writing. Requires knowledge of Writing and Content strategy.

  • Cinematics & Trailers closed

    Actively film and present Minecraft Marketplace gameplay. Must have experience in animation and video production fundamentals.

  • 3D Modeler open

    Create, transform and design advanced models. Requires knowledge of digital design, 3D modeling, and 3D rendering.

    Job Responsibilities
    • Collaborating with the behaviors team to create 3D models
    • Using concept plans as an outline for 3D models while also implementing your own ideas
    • Creating models for gameplay, player interaction, or build decorations
    • Experience working with other Minecraft Marketplace teams
    • Be willing to sign a non disclosure agreement or have a legal guardian co-sign if you are under 18
    • Creative mindset and the ability to produce 3D models without guidance
  • Texture Pack Artist open

    Fabricate and complete immersive in game texture packs for players to experience. Requires knowledge of Texture Pack technology and design.

    Job Responsibilities
    • Designing texture packs that enhance a player’s experience by adding immersive visuals
    • Creating textures for Bedrock blocks, items, entities, and more
    • Collaborating with the modeling team to create textures for 3D models
    • Be willing to sign a non disclosure agreement or have a legal guardian co-sign if you are under 18
    • Expertise with resource and behavior packs so you can collaborate with our behaviors team
    • Creativity in designing bedrock textures that are high quality and integrated with a storyline
  • Render Artist closed

    Render and manipulate our work for open presentation. Requires knowledge of digital design and advanced image rendering.

  • Terraformer closed

    Work on and complete incredible landscapes, in various styles. Requires knowledge of creative art and landscape design fundamentals.

  • Redstone Specialist closed

    Plan and build sophisticated redstone systems and structures. Requires knowledge of redstone technology, minigames and Marketplace maps.

  • Builder open

    Work on and complete powerful builds in various styles. Requires knowledge of creative art and architecture design fundamentals.

    Job Responsibilities
    • Collaborating with other builders to work on large-scale projects
    • Formulating project concepts layout designs for build commissions
    • Working with clients on the build server and implementing revisions from feedback
    • 6+ months of building experience
    • Available 10 hours per week for commissions
    • Experience working with a variety of build styles
    • Interest in creating Minecraft Marketplace builds
  • Thumbnail Designer closed

    Design and develop eye-catching thumbnails for LeadPro. Requires knowledge of social media strategy and digital design.

  • Skin Artist closed

    Create detailed skin packs that attract players by incorporating unique themes and styles. Must have experience in creative design.

  • Map Tester closed

    Work with a team of other testers to perform multiplayer tests and raise the quality of our projects from start to finish.

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