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NFT Worlds

LeadPro develops interactive and dynamic metaverse experiences that create a lasting impact on audiences.

We are the creators of vast worlds and extensive user experiences ranging from medieval battle arenas and art galleries to immersive cities.

  • Drago World

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  • Majr Dao

  • Ape Invaders

  • FrankenPunks

  • Warrior Girl

  • Wizzies

  • Gorochi Land

What we do

Developing innovative multiplayer metaverse communities.

Develop your own NFT World with us – a 1 of 10,000 multiplayer metaverse in Minecraft that can be explored by players globally. Work together with our skilful team to build the finest world, with breathtaking builds and engaging interaction design.

Create a World With Us

Building rich digital experiences for future-focused projects.

We deliver each world alongside an imposing trailer and stunning artwork, allowing us to form a seamless brand to represent your metaverse.

  • A personalized creation

    Collaborate directly with our skillful team members to ensure your world is personalized down to the finest detail.

  • Overarching brand identity

    We will build out an impressive brand identity for your world, consisting of a full-length trailer and agency-level artwork.

  • Flawless execution

    With all work completed in-house, LeadPro will deliver a perfected user experience with swift turnaround.

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The LeadPro Touch

We integrate building, development, and design in-house to help us deliver perfection.

  • Building

    We are builders at our core and offer prodigious builds in all forms.

  • 3D Models

    Our in-house modelers can convert anything into a 3D model.

  • Skin Art

    Delivering detailed characters to help tell a story and accompany immersive worlds.

  • Renders

    We deliver atmospheric renders that allow you to present the full extent of your build.

  • Cinematics

    Our videography team cuts video and audio to perfection. Your next trailer starts here.

  • Gameplay

    Our team has an extensive background in building unrivaled gaming experiences.

  • Interactivity

    We specialize in designing detailed interactions that leave players thrilled.

  • Plugins

    Development of optimized plugins to enhance your server in every way.

  • Create a world with us

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Our Team

Quality design, building and development is the foundation of our business.

  • David


    Founded LeadPro 5 years ago, overlooking operations since day 1 to ensure that our team delivers market leading quality and stays on the forefront of service offering.

  • Robert

    Managing Director

    An experienced leader who assists our clients across the globe with monetization and idea generation, helping us produce builds for 250+ unique projects and metaverse brands.

    • Bumblewasp#5111
Work With Us

Develop an unparalleled metaverse brand with LeadPro.

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