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Sequences of Life

Behind The Build

Sequences of Life

Sequences of Life is comprised of six 500×500 maps, each beautifully exhibiting detail and collectively embracing a passage of time. Emerging from nothing, small villages, monuments, towering castles, army bases and large factories gradually develop, only to be engulfed by the advancing technological era. In the end, the land exists to be overwhelmed with nuclear waste, waiting patiently for nature to heal its man-made scars.

A large factory complex with branching railroad lines sits atop a small hill, inspired by the technological boom of the Industrial Revolution. Surrounding the complex is a small working town that supplies minds to run the factory’s operations and hands to build the railroads. The town is walled in on every side with mountains, whose stone is exposed from years of weathering and erosion.

Military bases, planes, and crumbling high-rise buildings paint a picture of a violent, hard-fought conflict. The valley is marked with craters, trenches, and wreckage, all surrounded by the skeletal remains of towns and villages. Planes fly overhead and watchtowers loom out of the dark like sentinels, creating an eerie, somber environment.

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