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Serpents Cove

Behind The Build

Serpents Cove

Serpents Cove tells the tale of a heroic adventurer who must slay powerful dragons and break the curses they have placed across four islands. The map features a 400×400 centerpiece island where the journey to banish the evil dragons begins. Wander through the bountiful pleasures of the forest, and know of the protection offered by the great nature dragon.

A powerful, wind-driven factory was built to produce weapons and armor for all of the nearby islands. Now, the turbines turn uselessly in the lazy breeze. Deep within, the mechadragon has taken over the factory, using the production lines to manufacture his own army.

Green flames leap from pillars surrounding the central arena where warriors have tried battling the powerful dragon with no success. Perhaps the toxic dragon inhabiting this island has something to do with recently reported missing sailors…

Once a facility designed to generate geothermal power, this stronghold now feeds the lava dragon an endless supply of energy he uses to grow stronger. The looming, ominous entrance into the facility fills any approaching adventurer with dread. Leaping flames burning all over the island warn of the powerful dragon living inside.

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