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Behind The Build


Utopia was inspired by futuristic architecture and depiction of alien cities. The project was built to feature all the necessities of a city and extra fundamentals such as a casino, a police station, and a black market. We created a map that encourages players to explore a foreign environment, where futuristic mansions and colossal buildings are perceived as ordinary.

The final result, a 500×500 technologically advanced city, is meant to portray an off-world sanctuary. As inspired by the server plot, Utopia is meant to be a new home for humanity on a futuristic planet. The city is not as heavenly as you may think, as the hidden dangers are yet to be discovered.

The Server Plot

Earth is dying and its inhabitants have set out into space to find a new home. After a long search, a promising planet is located. To better prepare for the dangers of the planet, its inhabitants created a VR training program. Prisoners have been recruited to participate in the program, where they’ll have the option to uphold the laws or deal in more nefarious activities.

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